What is it like to emigrate to Sweden

What is it like to emigrate to Sweden

What is it like to emigrate to Sweden? It can be quiet a life-changing experience to move to another country. Especially if the climate is totally different. Like from Holland to Sweden, or any other Scandinavian country for that matter. Not everybody will be able to adjust to such a change. This is something to think about.

Where I grew up, there wasn’t much nature. Not wild nature at least. In my birth city, there were parks and small forests, but these were built by men. And hardly big enough to play hide and seek in. Of course, as a child, you don’t know any better. But the older I got, the more I felt like I was craving for something more. I never really knew what it was. It felt like a light nervousness for exploration. For something that I could do by myself, in nature. 


What is it like to emigrate to Sweden



Pros and cons

I have to admit, although moving to Sweden was the best decision ever, I only saw the pros before we moved. Now the pros and cons that I will mention next, are of course opinions, this will vary per person.


  • Lots and lots of nature
  • Very little stress
  • Places with very little inhabitants
  • A feeling of starting a new life
  • Super white winters
  • Wild animals everywhere
  • Very kind people
  • No tax on cars
  • Free health insurance
  • Long maternity leave (also for daddy 😉)
  • Allemansrätten (Meaning, you can camp anywhere in nature. Do anything you want, as long as you keep it clean and respect nature)


  • Winters as cold as -45 (here up north at least). Which I personally don’t mind, but some people might have an issue with this.
  • Very high VAT tax (50%)
  • Driving from north to south takes about 14 hours



That’s what I have found in the short time that I have been living here so far. But above all, this country has everything you can possibly want as an adventurer, traveler, nature lover etc. Our journey has just started here, but we feel like living in paradise every day…


What is it like to emigrate to Sweden

“The Green Lady”


So that’s all on what is it like to emigrate to Sweden. More information about getting started can be found in my introduction post.

Love to travel too? Plan it here.

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