Changing your life

Changing your life

Changing your life, is that something you would like to do? Today I want to talk about changing your life in general. This is a topic that I have been dealing with most of my life, and I have been wanting to cover it for some time now. So, here it is. 

I feel like a lot of people have problems with their lives, jobs, family etc. This can really become a problem over time, they care about this enough to tell people how they feel. But somehow not enough to do something about it. I think we all know this person at work or in the family that always complains about their job or the place they live in. And I do get it, giving up your job can be scary, I know all about it. In fact, that is what held me back.

Back when I still lived in Holland, I worked at a company where I made a good salary, but very long hours and a boss that nobody wants. I worked there for almost 10 years before I moved to Sweden. And in those 10 years, I heard my colleagues complain about the job and how they wished their lives would have been different. Some of them were divorced, some of them had debts, and some of them just didn’t enjoy their lives in general. 


Changing your life


Think about you…

Now, it’s not that I never complained myself. But, as an introvert, I have always been someone who likes to take a step back and think about a situation. See what my options are. And finally, solve the issue, BY MYSELF, I must add. Not because I think nobody could ever help me with it, but simply because I have always tried to figure things out by myself. It makes me feel comfortable. How about you?

So, all though I have complained about things myself in the past, I like to set myself apart from others in this situation. If there is one tip I would want to give everybody who is unhappy, and everybody reading my blog and this post in particular. It is that, whatever people say, whatever people think, and whatever you have been taught, it doesn’t matter. What you want is important.

I’m not saying, if you are married and have kids, that you should ignore that and do whatever you want. But how many times do we really think about ourselves? Not in a selfish way, but asking yourself the question; what do I want? 


Changing your life


Make up your mind

So here’s what I did, and what I think more people should do. I had been unhappy in Holland, with family members and friends that weren’t as loyal as I hoped, and my job. I was just generally unhappy. So one day, I gathered all my strength and asked myself the question; if nothing was holding me back, what would I do with my life? And without even thinking about it, the answer I heard in my head, was that I wanted to move far far away.

The rest of that day I dreamed about places I had always wanted to go. In this post, I tell all about how I left. But long story short, I sat down with my wife, we looked at locations. And within 3 months we had moved to Sweden. Now, of course, not everybody will do something drastic and impulsive as this. But life is too short to live like everybody else.

Finally, my quote of the day is: Take a step back and ask yourself; If I were old and on my death bed now, would I feel like I lived my life to the fullest?

So that’s all on changing your life. More information about getting started can be found in my introduction post.

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What is it like to emigrate to Sweden

What is it like to emigrate to Sweden

What is it like to emigrate to Sweden? It can be quiet a life-changing experience to move to another country. Especially if the climate is totally different. Like from Holland to Sweden, or any other Scandinavian country for that matter. Not everybody will be able to adjust to such a change. This is something to think about.

Where I grew up, there wasn’t much nature. Not wild nature at least. In my birth city, there were parks and small forests, but these were built by men. And hardly big enough to play hide and seek in. Of course, as a child, you don’t know any better. But the older I got, the more I felt like I was craving for something more. I never really knew what it was. It felt like a light nervousness for exploration. For something that I could do by myself, in nature. 


What is it like to emigrate to Sweden



Pros and cons

I have to admit, although moving to Sweden was the best decision ever, I only saw the pros before we moved. Now the pros and cons that I will mention next, are of course opinions, this will vary per person.


  • Lots and lots of nature
  • Very little stress
  • Places with very little inhabitants
  • A feeling of starting a new life
  • Super white winters
  • Wild animals everywhere
  • Very kind people
  • No tax on cars
  • Free health insurance
  • Long maternity leave (also for daddy 😉)
  • Allemansrätten (Meaning, you can camp anywhere in nature. Do anything you want, as long as you keep it clean and respect nature)


  • Winters as cold as -45 (here up north at least). Which I personally don’t mind, but some people might have an issue with this.
  • Very high VAT tax (50%)
  • Driving from north to south takes about 14 hours



That’s what I have found in the short time that I have been living here so far. But above all, this country has everything you can possibly want as an adventurer, traveler, nature lover etc. Our journey has just started here, but we feel like living in paradise every day…


What is it like to emigrate to Sweden

“The Green Lady”


So that’s all on what is it like to emigrate to Sweden. More information about getting started can be found in my introduction post.

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