Sleeping in the wilderness

Sleeping in the wilderness

Sleeping in the wilderness is not for everyone. But if you do like it, this article might be something for you! 

Back in the Netherlands, the word wilderness is as uncommon as snow in Australia. The closest “wild” nature from where I grew up, was East Germany or South France. So being young, bushcrafting was out of the question.

The last few years before I emigrated to Sweden, I loved to pack my bag and drive to the German woods. The only problem there was that you are not allowed to just camp anywhere, or sleep in nature for that matter. 

But all of that was about to change when I decided to move to Sweden. Sweden has something called “Allemansrätten”, which basically means that you can camp anywhere at any time. The only rule is that you respect nature, and leave your camping spot the way you found it. 

Sleeping in the wilderness

The Kebnekaise Mountains


Going into the wild

The mountains of Sweden, as seen in the picture above, are so untouched and the air smells amazing. From the first year we arrived in this country, I started going out to the mountains with my dog. Not in the winter though, as there can be 1 to 2 meters of snow in some areas. 

The highest mountain of Sweden is called the Kebnekaise. It is roughly 2100 meters or 6.800 feet high and located in the Norwegian border of North Sweden. Luckily for me, it is just half an hour driving from my house and I can see the mountains from my window every morning.

Ever since I arrived in Sweden I was dreaming of sleeping in the wilderness. In the winter it wasn’t possible as the snow was so high, I couldn’t walk through it. In the spring it was also difficult because when the snow melted, the amount of water everywhere was overwhelming. 

So when summertime came, I could finally get out there. The minute the warm sunbeams hit my face for the first time, I packed my bag and headed for the mountains. 


Sleeping in the wilderness

My camp


So what does it feel like, sleeping in the wilderness?

Here up north, it feels like freedom… I know what you’re thinking. Aren’t we all fee? Yes, but this is something different. When I am in the mountains, all worries and thoughts just float away in the wind. On this particular trip, I was camping with my dog. Sadly, he passed away 3 months after that… If there is one thing I admire about dogs and took away from the time I had spent with him; It’s that they don’t worry about yesterday, or tomorrow, they just enjoy the moment. That, is happiness…


So that’s how sleeping in the wilderness feels to me. More information about emigrating can be found in my introduction post.

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