How does it feel to run away

How does it feel to run away

How does it feel to run away? This is a question that a lot of people might ask themselves. And in retrospect, I had always wondered what it would feel like too. If I would get homesick, what my family would think and if I would even make it at my new destination. 

No matter if you are moving away because you are unhappy, or because you just like traveling, it is exciting either way. But in some cases, it might be the only way out. 

My wife and I were happy together, but not happy in the place we lived. The city was stressful, our jobs were stressful. And frankly, we just had a hard time fitting into the life that most people seemed to lead. And it’s not like we didn’t try anything. Oh, we tried everything! We had a house near a big forest where we liked to walk to clear out minds. A dog that made us happy. We had family and friends. But somehow the rest was just overwhelming. So we started thinking about moving away. At first, we looked at small towns within Holland. But the problem in Holland is that big cities equal lot’s of jobs and small towns equal very little work opportunities. So we starting looking at countries all over the world. 


How does it feel to run away

A new place

Far far away…


Our first thoughts were a warm place. We considered Spain at first, but I had just been to Spain that summer and it was way too hot for us. Then we thought about California, as this seemed so appealing in movies. But after some research, we found out that there were more cons than pros for us. Then we really fell in love with Canada. To this day I still would have moved there if we had more time. But the problem with Canada was, as it is in North America, that we needed a visa. And of course, this is nothing new, but we had to decide fast. We did apply for a visa, but this turned out to become a very long trial and we wanted to move. And fast!

After some more eyeballing the world map, we came across Sweden. North Sweden to be exact. Now, I don’t want to insult anybody from either country, but as far our concern, North Sweden was the Canada of Europe. We were instantly excited and started looking for places. And after a whole day of strolling the internet, we knew where we wanted to go, Kiruna

We planned our move in September that year. Canceled every subscription, sold everything we owned except our clothes and computers, quit our jobs and planned our migration. The 1st of November we already moved. By car, with a cat and a dog and just the things that fit in the back of our Ford Mondeo.



We wanted to leave, and we wanted to leave fast. And it happened fast. Within two months we gave up almost everything we knew and escaped the stressful life for a destination that is until today the most magical please I have ever been. Running away has honestly been the best decision that I have ever made. My wife and I are happy now and enjoying every day in this paradise called Kiruna…


So that’s all on how does it feel to run away. More information about getting started can be found in my introduction post.

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